“In 1999 I was involved in a multiple car accident. I was car three of twelve in a chain reaction that resulted in the complete destruction of my 2 door compact and my removal by stretcher from the scene of the accident. I was off of work and bedridden the first week following the accident, unable to walk, move or comfortably sleep. Every part of me hurt. My physician offered me only pain medications when I was scheduled to return to work, still unable to stand or walk without significant assistance.

I needed to find a way to function without the influence of sedating pain medications, and the MDs were not offering any answers. In fact, when I asked for additional radiographs of my neck and back because of the extreme pain I was told that since I ‘could’ walk it was all soft tissue trauma and insurance would not cover additional diagnostics. Desperate for pain relief, I turned to alternative medicine.

I had been to other chiropractors in the past with very mixed results and have to admit I was highly skeptical that chiropractic care would be of benefit following so much trauma . Dr. Kathy did a full physical examination which included complete radiographs, and by the time I left her office that day I was standing on my own and pain free for the first time in two weeks. Dr. Kathy actually addressed the underlying issues-subluxation and whiplash- rather than simply masking it with pain medications. Impressed? You bet I was! The skeptic was turned into a true believer that day.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kathy ever since and have referred my friends and family to her for their care. There is nobody better, period!” ~~Ann


“Dr. Kathy is caring and thorough in treating her patients. She addresses the whole body and will ask how much water I am drinking and about stresses or sleep changes I might be experiencing. She has me walk around a bit after an adjustment to make sure it is feeling better. She also likes to tell us we are the best judge of our bodies and we should listen to that. She has gone above and beyond with treating my son when he has traveled home from out of state and gotten him back to functional. You are awesome, Dr. Kathy! Thank you!” ~~ Gail


“Dr. Kathy Kulba has been my chiropractor for over twenty years. She is highly professional; her chiropractic skills have been very helpful to me and my husband. She has solved many aches and pains of all kinds and given us advice to help keep us healthy. Our overall health is her main concern. Dr. Kathy is always ready to give you an unscheduled appointment when needed. I highly recommend Dr. Kathy and we continue to use her services on a regular basis to maintain our optimum health.” ~~ Susan


“I have been treated by Dr. Kathy for over 25 years. She has adjusted me for back and neck pain as well as cold symptoms. I have improved sleep and better overall health. She is kind and compassionate. One year she even made a house call on Thanksgiving morning when my back went out!” ~~ Bonnie


“I am a patient of Dr. Kathy Kulba for over 10 years and I’m a believer in her work. When I first started coming to see Dr. Kulba I would experience at least three to four headaches per week including some that lasted for days. I felt that this was normal everyday life for me. Immediately after my first visit, I felt relief. Dr. Kulba helped me set up a treatment plan to control my headaches. Years later, I now visit Dr. Kulba twice a month to keep up on regular maintance. Chiropractic is part of our family’s health lifestyle. I thank God that I was introduced to Dr. Kulba. I look forward to Dr. Kulba’s kind-hearted and welcoming personality every visit!” ~~ Tera